Welcome to Prophet Elias Greek Orthodox Church! We are happy you are here. Please feel free to explore our wonderful programs and activities as well as the rich resources we have made available to familiarize you with the Christian Orthodox Faith.Our hope for you is to come to know Christ and His Church. Our mission is to help you on this path to enrich your knowledge, discover the Hellenic tradition as well as the rich treasures of the Christian Orthodox faith. We welcome you with open arms into our warm and family-friendly parish.Prophet Elias Church is included among the Parishes of the Direct Archdiocesan District, under the direct authority, supervision and pastoral care of His Eminence Archbishop Demetrios, Primate of the Greek Orthodox Archdiocese in America.Founded in 1940, Prophet Elias Church, centrally located just north of New York City in Westchester County, is the only Greek Orthodox Church in the City of Yonkers. Our Parish serves the Orthodox faithful in the western part of the county, along the Hudson River, starting from the upper Bronx and extending as far north as Ossining and surrounding areas.We hope you will find the programs and activities we offer helpful and rewarding.


From Father Nicholas

Christ is Risen, my beloved brothers and Sister in Christ Crucified and Resurrected.
May the Holy Spirit of Risen Christ be with you and your families. Let us worship His Glorious Resurrection. Let us actively participate in the holy events and services of Crucifixion and Resurrection of Christ our Lord.
He, the Lord and God and Risen Christ, suffered death for us and for our Salvation. He died on the Cross in order to give us life. He went down to Hell to offer life to those in Hades and came back to us, the living, on earth again resurrected from the dead to give us hope and to tell us:  Death has no power. Death has been destroyed. Rejoice! I am with you. I am no longer among the dead. I am the life and the Resurrection. Those who believe in will no perish but have eternal life.
Christ is Risen! …. Indeed, He is Risen.
Aνάστασιν Χριστού θεασάμενοι, προσκυνήσωμεν,
Αγιον Κύριον Ιησούν,τόν μόνον αναμάρτητον.
Τόν Σταυρόν Σου Χριστέ, Χριστέ , προσκυνούμεν
καί τήν αγίαν Σου  Ανάστασιν υμνούμεν καί δοξάζομεν.
Σύ γάρ εί Θεός ημών, εκτός  Σού αλλον ούκ οίδαμεν
Τό ονομά σου ονομάζωμεν. Δεύτε πάντες οί πιστοί
προσκυνήσωμεν τήν τού Χριστού αγίαν Ανάστασιν.
 (Αναστάσιμος  Ωδή)
Χριστός  Ανέστη εν Χριστώ Σταυρωθέντι καί Αναστάντα!...
Η Χάρις τού Αναστάντος Κυρίου ημών Ιησού Χρριστού μεθ’υμών καί τάς οικογενείας υμών .
Ο Κυριος  ελθών επί τής γής γιά τή Σωτηρία μας υπέστη σταυρικό θάνατο. Κατέβηκε στόν Αδη
Ινα τούς Αδη καθημένους ελευθερώση από τά δεσμά τού θανάτου καί από τήν αιώνιο καταδίκη. Μετά επέστρεψε σέ εμάς τούς ζώντας, πάνω στή γή, νά μάς χαρίσει τήν ελπίδα καί τή χαρά
Λέγοντάς μας. Η δύναμη τού αδη εξουδετερώθη καί βασιλεύει η ανάσταση καί η ζωή  
«Εγώ είμαι η Ανάστη καί η ζωή ο  πιστευων είς εμέ καί άν αποθάνει ζήσεται.»
Xριστός  Ανέστη !
Αγαπητοί Εν Χριστώ Αναστάντι Αδελφοι

Αιδ. Πρωτοπρεσβ. Νικόλαος

Services Schedule

Winter Services : Orthros 9:00 A.M. Divine Liturgy 10:15 A.M.

Summer Services : Orthros 9:00 A.M. Divine Liturgy 10:00 A.M.

Week Day Services : Orthros & Divine Liturgy 9:00 -10:45 A.M.

Words to remember and live by

Fr. Nicholas

If anyone wants to be great he must be servant of the rest; and if one of you wants to be first, he must be the slave of all. Mark 10:43-44

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