The day following the Nativity of the most holy

Theotokos, (September 9th) we celebrate the

synaxis of Saints Joachim and Anna, honouring

them as her parents.


Membership fee of $20.00

The group conducts an organizational  meeting at the beginning of the year to outline the events and activities for the coming year. This year the first meeting will be on Saturday, January 26 at 12:00 noon.

The group also meets once a month on the third Thursday of each month. The meetings are called Kali Parea. The schedule of Kali Parea meetings for this year is as follows:


January to May 2019


Thursday, January 17

Thursday, February 21

Thursday, March 21

Thursday, April 18

Thursday, May 16


We are part of Prophet Elias Greek Orthodox Church
We are a group of people 50 years of age and older who like 
to refer to ourselves as “Young Spirits”.
We created the Young Spirit organization in 2001 for the 
following reasons;
   1. To provide information, through seminars given by lawyers, 
        insurance specialists, doctors, estate planning experts, etc.
   2. To attend religious services and visit various churches
   3. To fellowship together, visit museums, attend theater shows, 
        take trips and other interesting events.
Membership dues: $20.00 per person. Monies collected are used for various activities, such as, bus down payments, etc.
Entrance fees, fares etc. are paid for by members and non-members who attend these events.Our own treasury pays for seminars and special events
We invite all to join us and to participate in our activities. Help in any way you can. We welcome any input by you to make the “Young Spirits” a beautiful experience for all.

Several years ago, we introduced Kali Parea meetings which were held once a month. Since many members enjoyed these gatherings, we have decided to continue with them once again.

Kali Parea gatherings are held the third Thursday of each month at 11:00am, except for Easter week and summer months.